Tips about restaurants in Kyoto:

There are University cafeterias near the seminar house and WRC, and many other restaurants, bento shops and convenience stores. The cafeteria serves one or two vegan main courses also with other small dishes


For vegan and vegetarian, followings have vegan options

・Sujata (Indian restaurant)

・Sunny place (only four days a week, not sure about the exact timings!)

・Koanosuke (Thai restaurant)

・Goya (Okinawa restaurant)


If you need more information on other options especially near the hotel, please see this link: Vegan project Japan:


One recommendation from our vegetarian colleague (it’s in downtown area far from university)

Tips about restaurants in Inuyama:

In PRI, there is a cafeteria only open during lunchtime. However, we are not sure it has enough capacity to hold all participants, and vegetarian option needs reservation in advance, so we recommend you, especially vegans and vegetarians, to prepare lunch by yourself.

The nearest convenience store and restaurant are around a 15-minute walk from PRI.

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