Workshop 1 – Devising your manuscript from beginning to end (roundtable discussion)

Are you planning to submit a manuscript and publish your research? Do you need methods for reviewing literature, organizing resources, searching for and finding content, and structuring your manuscript? Are you curious how other academics and researchers go about publishing their work? Do you know how to select a journal to submit to, and do you know how long the publication process usually lasts? Writing a paper from beginning to end is never a perfect process. In this workshop we will share our positive and negative experiences using different strategies and provide tips to make paper writing as fluid as possible. This workshop will be led by members of the symposium’s organizing committee and held as a round-table discussion. We welcome participants to share their knowledge and experience, and hope everyone will learn something new!

Workshop 2 – PhD survival tips

(roundtable discussion)

Working towards a PhD can be an overwhelming experience. In this workshop we will share practical advice covering all stages of a PhD, including general and specific tips about fieldwork, labwork, networking, presentations, critical appraisal, and more. This workshop will be a roundtable discussion in which participants are asked to register for a time slot. Additionally we will have a lot plenty of time for open discussion and for attendees to add their own stories spontaneously. Tell us your best and worst stories, your praises and grievances, and your research experiences in an open, learning oriented environment! Let’s share our experiences across different departments, universities, countries, and cultures to gain a better understanding of what it means to be a student in this day and age.

-The story can be as short or long as you’d like.

-Photos, videos, and GIFs to support your stories are encouraged!

-This is an informal workshop, and nibbles and drinks will be provided!


Example topics:

  • Fails

  • Field survival tips

  • Daily life experiences (e.g. what do we love/hate about PhD life)

  • Concerns and problems with the academic system

  • Mental and physical health maintenance

Workshop 3 – Using cutting edge technologies to study animal cognition and behavior (lecture)

In this workshop, Dr. Fumihiro Kano will share his experiences using cutting-edge technologies to study animal cognition and behavior, especially in apes and birds. We hope participants will gain insights in establishing novel and unique research methodologies. This workshop will be in lecture format.

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